Player's Guide

Player's Guide
The moderators of nightmare_high have prepared a Player's Guide to help everyone get settled in. You might have seen this information scattered around, but here it is in one convenient place for you! ♥

Things To Do

Make sure that you've joined all the communities!
nightmare_high: The Main Community (first person posts).
nightmare_ooc: The Out-of-Character Community (moderator posts/introductions).
nightmare_logs: The Logs Community (third-person posts; posting format here).
nightmare_crack: The Crack Community (memes, etc).

Check out these helpful resources for setting up your character:
Taken Characters
Important Information: Tagging System, Locations, Clubs/Student Council, NPCs, and Classes.
Frequently Asked Questions
Player Contact Post
→ You can also post an ad for canonmates at the Wanted Characters Post

Here's how you can contact the mods:
Contact Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Suggestions Box

Ways to get your character involved:
→ Make an introduction post to nightmare_high with your character journal, or to introduce yourself to the other players at nightmare_ooc if you haven't already.
→ Post a plot idea to the Suggestions Box.
→ Have them join a club or student council. They could even start their own club, or become president of an existing club.
→ Figure out your character's schedule, post it to their user info, and then see who has classes with you!
→ Check out the Taken Characters list to see who is in the same class year as you.
→ Are you living on campus? Look at the Room Assignments and see who lives on your floor!
→ Make an open log at nightmare_logs.

Reminders from your mods! ♥
Don't forget to use the tagging system!
Don't forget to read the rules!
It's helpful to read all the posts in nightmare_mods.
Feel free to contact us! ♥

student report post.

Student Report Post
This post is for primarily teachers, Student Council officers, club officers, and RAs. People in these positions are supposed to oversee the student body and report to the administration, so that bad behavior can be punished and good behavior can be rewarded.

If your character as something to report-- a party, drug use, fighting, or good things, like a particularly helpful student-- then post here. Comments are screened.

Post using this form: